Exit Guide

From: Blaine
To: Cambridge

The guide goes from south to north, as the mileposts do, so if you are heading southbound, go to the bottom and scroll up.   At freeway/freeway junctions where no control cities exist, none are listed.  Italics indicate destinations/routes not marked as such.  Where the background of a highway route marker is black, the marked route is not indicated on freeway signage.  Equivalent exit numbers are given in italics based on milemarkers.   Route shields framed in blue indicate Exit List continuations (click on the shield to continue).

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2 lanes each direction


Intersections (Milepost 11.0)

St. Paul

5-ramp partial-cloverleaf interchange on US 10
SB 65-to-EB 10 is loop
at US 10 ramps



INTERSECTIONS between US 10 and MN 95


Intersection (Milepost 11.5)

93rd Ln NE
Cloverleaf Pkwy NE

Intersection (Milepost 11.9)

97th Ave NE

Intersection (Milepost 12.2)

99th Ave NE

Intersection (Milepost 12.4)

101st Ave NE

Intersection (Milepost 12.9)

105th Ave NE

Intersection (Milepost 13.4)

109th Ave NE


Intersection (Milepost 13.9)

113th Ave NE

Intersection (Milepost 14.4)

Cloud Dr NE
117th Ave NE

Intersection/Overpass Under Construction (Milepost 14.9)

121st Ave NE
Paul Pkwy NE

Overpass under construction

Intersection/Interchange Under Construction (Milepost 15.4)

Main St NE

Single-point urban interchange
under construction

Intersection/Overpass Under Construction (Milepost 15.9)

129th Ave NE

Overpass under construction

Ham Lake

Blaine Milepost 16.4

Intersection (Milepost 16.9)

Bunker Lake Blvd NE


Intersection (Milepost 18.2)

Andover Blvd NE
147th Ave NE

Intersection (Milepost 18.9)

153rd Ave NE

Intersection (Milepost 20.2)

Constance Blvd NE

Intersection (Milepost 21.7)

Crosstown Blvd NE

East Bethel

Ham Lake Milepost 22.4

Intersection (Milepost 23.9)

Viking Blvd NE

Intersection (Milepost 26.4)

Sims Rd NE

Intersection (Milepost 27.4)

221st Ave NE

Intersection (Milepost 29.4)

237th Ave NE

Athens Township
Isanti County

East Bethel
Anoka County
Milepost 30.4

Intersection (Milepost 32.4)

261st Ave NE

Intersection (Milepost 33.4)

269th Ave NE

Intersection (Milepost 35.4)

285th Ave NE
Palomino Rd

Intersection (Milepost 35.9)


Intersection (Milepost 37.9)

305th Ave NE

Intersection (Milepost 39.0)

Main St




(Exit 41)

North Branch




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Exit Guide

From: Cambridge
To: Blaine


Page last modified 15 September, 2007