Intercity Rail - Duluth Line (fantasy transit)


This is a line that used to exist, but was cancelled by Amtrak in 1985.  Efforts are underway to reinstate passenger rail service between the two cities.  My fantasy system utilizes an existing BNSF rail line running north from Minneapolis.






Travel Time Estimation

From To Distance (miles) Travel Time Cumulative Distance (miles) Cumulative Time
Minneapolis Cambridge 42.4 44 min 42.4 44 min
Cambridge Hinckley 35.1 32 min 77.5 1 hr 16 min
Hinckley Duluth 75.8 1hr 8 min 153.3 2 hr 24 min

Travel times assume trains traveling at the speed limit with no stoppages or speed restrictions.  Travel times also include 5 minutes per leg to represent slowdown approaching a station, speed-up departing a station, and station dwell time.


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