Froggie's Fantasy High Speed Rail System

This page details my ideas behind a theoretical national High Speed Rail (HSR) system.  There are several HSR corridors designated and being considered nationwide, including (but not limited to) the Northeast Corridor, the Chicago Hub Network, Florida, and California.  In addition, there is an extensive already-existing passenger rail network in both the U.S. and Canada, as well as smaller systems in Alaska.  Several former passenger rail lines have been cancelled by both Amtrak and ViaRail over the past few decades.  In addition, there is a proposal for a rail link between the Alaska Railroad and the Canadian rail network in British Columbia.  I have combined all of these as well as a few of my own ideas into the below map.

I have broken speeds up into 5 categories:  79 MPH (most of Amtrak's existing network), 90 MPH (small incremental increase), 110 MPH (electric-train speed), 150 MPH (Acela-speed), and 185+ MPH (TGV-speed).

The core of the network is a system of four 185+ MPH lines covering the heaviest traffic areas, or in the case of California being legislatively required at that speed.  Besides California, the 185+ MPH corridors are Milwaukee-Chicago, Dallas-Houston, and the Northeast Corridor from Richmond, VA to Boston, MA.  Several other 110+ MPH corridors exist, branching out from the main hubs.  Most of the existing Amtrak and ViaRail network is upgraded to 90 MPH under my fantasy system.  Smaller lines, brand new lines, and the connection to Alaska are set at 79 MPH.

This map only shows general corridors.  Any real-life specific alignments will have to be determined by careful environmental and location study.

Below is a medium-size map of my fantasy HSR system.  I also have Large and Very Large (best readability) maps available for viewing.

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