Magnolia Interchange (Highway Links)

The following Links list will be periodically updated, as I find time to search for new and improved links, pages, nets, etcetera, etcetera...


Andy's Highway Kick-Off Page - Great site with info on Interstate Business Routes, High-Priority Corridors, Future Interstates, and links to more Road Geek websites than you could ever imagine.

James Lin's ViaGuide - Another Road Geek website index, in an interesting Yahoo-type format.

Roads and Highways directory - At the Online Directory Project.

Exit Lists:

James Lin's ViaGuide - The ViaGuide's page on Exit Lists.

The Virtual Freeway - By Brandon Gorte. (This site is missing-in-action.)

Highway Heaven - By Michael Adams.   Breakdowns by both route number and state.  Recently moved to this website.

Coast to Coast Interstate Links - By Dan Stober.  Breaks it down by route number.


Mississippi Department of Transportation - Main webpage for MDOT.  Includes background, contact, bidding, and current construction info.

Joe's Mississippi Road History Page - Joe Gillis is a southern native who's putting together highway pages for both Alabama and Mississippi Roads.

GribbleNation - Several road photo and focus pages, mostly in the Eastern U.S.

AARoads - Several photo and route pages from across the U.S.

American Highway Project - Website by Edgar Praus.  Photographs of historic highways, and road-related culture.

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