This report shows a few notes from trips taken in January, 1999.

Musings over the past month

Due to spending two weeks at home, then getting saddled at the office upon my return, I've only now been able to return to M.T.R., and I have a few things to comment on:

- Avenue of the Saints: Drove the Waverly bypass on US 218 on my return trip from MN to MS. Two standard diamond exits and one trumpet (on the south end).

- I-80 near Iowa City: Preliminary work is being done to add a third lane between I-380/US 218 and Exit 244 in Iowa City. It's also listed in Iowa DOT's 5-year plan on their website.

- I-55 in Springfield: There's some work being done in the median that appears to be the beginnings of a widening project, similar to I-80 above.

- US 78 in Mississippi: Contrary to popular belief, there ARE some decent-length sections of US 78 that have paved shoulders in MS....from the TN border to MM 10, and from MM 32 to MM 67. Signing is still sub-(interstate)-par, but I've been told by people at MDOT that the signing is temporary. I've also been told that there are NO plans whatsoever about petitioning AASHTO to make US 78 an interstate, though its compatible design (minus shoulders and signing) wouldn't preclude the possibility in the future.

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