This report is from a trip from Meridian, MS to Jackson, MS to Natchez, MS and back, on May 28, 1999.

Mississippi Road Trip

Had to run someone over to Jackson Int'l Airport today...decided to make a quick trip down to Natchez and back out of it. Some observations:

1) I-20 between Jackson and Vicksburg was just crawling with cops. In addition to the 2 I saw, truckers were CBing in about at least 3 more.

2) The old Mississippi River bridge at Vicksburg is a combination road/railroad bridge, with the two running side-by-side. I recall someone asking in an earlier thread if US 80 still runs along the old bridge. That is not the case, as the old bridge is closed to vehicle (and pedestrian) traffic. I-20 and US 80 are duplexed from LA Exit 186 to MS Exit 35, though for the most part, US 80 is not signed along the duplex.

3) An interesting quirk. Although MDOT publications (and MDOT itself) claim that US 98 ends at US 84 near Bude, I noticed today that US 98 is signed along with US 84 all the way to the Mississippi River.

4) Although there's no BEGIN or END sign, it appears that US 65 ends at US 61 in Natchez.

5) Construction continues to upgrade US 84 to 4 lanes across southern Mississippi.

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