This report isn't a roadtrip report per se, but details some of the US 45 upgrades in Mississippi as of August 15, 1999.

US 45 upgrades in Mississippi

Two more sections of 4-lane have opened up on US 45 in the past 3 weeks. One opened up during the last week of July on a new alignment between the Clarke/Lauderdale County line and Clarkco State Park. Old US 45 through the area has been redesignated MS 145, following standard MDOT procedure of maintaining most bypassed US alignments as state highways.

The other section that opened up was the US 45/ALT US 45 split in Brooksville (which should be of interest to Craig Hodges). This must've been just within the past few days, because when I was up there Friday, they were still laying down the final pavement layer on half of ALT 45. The new split is a partial-directional interchange, with access to/from the north on both routes being provided by an extension of MS 388 (which previously ended just at US 45).

One other thing. I'll be heading home to Minnesota on vacation starting tomorrow, and naturally, this will include driving through new counties and checking out various roadgeekly features. My planned route includes the US 65 (future I-530) freeway between Pine Bluff, AR and Little Rock, the new I-540 freeway, and possible US 71 through Kansas City.

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