This report shows a few notes from the Fargo (ND) - Moorhead (MN) area, from my 1999 summer vacation.

MN-ND Vacation Trip observations

Just a few observations from my vacation from a vacation...:o)

- Related to an earlier thread, there is a 2-state Business Route through Fargo and Moorhead. BR I-94 follows Main Ave through both cities.

- I-94 is 6-lanes now across the Red River and along the stretch between I-29 and US 75, and MnDOT has long-range plans to extend the 6 lane section east to MN 336. At the I-94/I-29 interchange, which used to be a standard cloverleaf, there is now a flyover ramp for SB I-29 to EB I-94 traffic.

- US 81 used to go through Fargo, but is now designated BR US 81.

- US 75 between Breckenridge and Moorhead and most of US 10 between Moorhead and the Twin Cities are good routes for train chasers...:o)

- MnDOT has really worked on a lot of I-94 west of Alexandria, especially westbound. Most of the westbound section has been reconstructed, and the concrete is nice and smooth.

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