This short report is from a weekend roadtrip across northern Mississippi, eastern Arkansas, and southwestern Tennessee in mid-June, 2000.

Construction in the Memphis area (part of AR-TN-MS trip)

While on a weekend trip, I confirmed today that part of the new MS 304 freeway in DeSoto County is now under construction. This is significant because the section under construction (about 3 miles west of I-55) *WILL* become part of I-69. That part of I-69's routing is a given. For the curious (or insistent), the part under construction is from MS 301 east to Odom Road, which is a couple miles west of I-55.

Construction is progressing on I-55 in south Memphis. It appears that most of the bridge work at I-240 is complete, and is progressing further south. The median is also well-ripped-up all the way to the state line. Nothing south of the state line though. As I understand it, Mississippi's section of the proposed I-55 widening is in the "public hearing phase".

From the Byhalia Road interchange, it appears that most of the paving for TN 385 to the east is completed. I admit that I couldn't see much past the interchange, however.

Some base pavement has been laid on the new MS 302 east of MS 309.

All this came from a roadtrip I took the past 2 days, in which I spoke with the mayor of Greenville, MS about I-69, and received a copy of a Corridor Study for a connector between proposed I-69 and Greenville itself. Also scouted out various roads in northern Mississippi and eastern Arkansas, got a pic of the northern end of US 49, and have enough info for a US 63 Arkansas exit list.

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