This short report is from a daytrip down to Waynesboro, MS on July 2, 2000.

Short MS roadtrip

Took a quick run down to Waynesboro and back to check the status of 4-lane construction along US 45.

- Paving is progressing on the Quitman bypass, which starts from near Clarkco State Park and passes about 3 miles east of Quitman before rejoining US 45 just south of De Soto (about 5 miles south of Quitman). From the north end, there's an overpass at a Clark County road (one of the 1xx series), a diamond interchange at MS 18, an access road to MS 511, a folded-diamond at existing US 45 (which will likely become MS 145) north of De Soto, then a surface intersection where it ties back into existing US 45.  From what I've heard, this section should be open by the end of the year.

- Between De Soto and Waynesboro, work is progressing on the new set of lanes, although paving has only begun on a 7 mile section north of Waynesboro. The existing route along here is in TERRIBLE shape, and what will probably happen is that the new lanes (once completed) will open to two-way traffic while the existing lanes are rehabilitated. This is standard procedure for MDOT 4-laning projects.

- From De Soto to Shubuta, the new lanes will be the future southbound lanes. Shubuta will be bypassed to the west. Between Shubuta and Waynesboro, the new lanes will be the future northbound lanes, except for the first couple miles north of Waynesboro, and a short 1 mile section about 6 miles north of Waynesboro, which will both be bypassed to the east.

- Paving is also progressing on the US 84 Waynesboro bypass, which will bypass the town a couple miles to the north. There will be a diamond interchange at existing US 45 (likely future MS 145), and a cloverleaf at future US 45. There are C/D roads along US 84 at the cloverleaf, and auxiliary lanes between the cloverleaf and the diamond (about .4 mile in between the ramps).  My guess is that this US 84 bypass will also be open by the end of the year.

Burned a full roll of pics from various locations, including a sign assembly for Roaddog.

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