This report is from the return trip from Minnesota to Mississippi in late July, 2000, during my 2000 summer vacation.

Quick notes from return trip (MN-MS via TX)

Still brain-fried, especially with the mess at the office right now, but here's a few notes that I can remember:

- No END I-129 signs that I could tell. BGS from I-29 still had I-129 in text.

- Drove over an old toll bridge over the Missouri (forget offhand which location). It's IA 175 on the eastern end.  Bridge was a steel truss with a steel grated deck.

- I-29/80 in Council Bluffs needs work.

- Remembering a comment from the past about making US 36 through St. Joseph, MO an could, but you'd have to pump a few hundred million into the road first.

- US 50 east of KC is starting to show its age.

- US 71 between KC area and Joplin is 70 MPH, even though it has some cross-roads.

- Noted construction progress along I-30, at I-820/TX 183, and I-35W north of I-820.

- I-20 across LA is much better than I anticipated. It appears that LA DOTD has finally gotten around to improving this road, and better than half of it was in good condition. Still some major problem spots, including through Shreveport (under construction...didn't go on it because of that...took I-220 around instead), east of Shreveport, through Monroe, and the easternmost 20-some miles before hitting the Mississippi.

- All in all, 4+ rolls of film taken, with numerous pictures, including US highway ends (for me), some historic US route endings (for Dale Sanderson), and BGS's and many state-named "I" shields for Alex (got I-30 TX, I-20 TX, and I-20 LA yesterday).

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