This isn't a trip report per-se, but was a report on major impending MnDOT road projects for 2001.  I posted the report on November 15, 2000.

Major 2001 Minnesota projects

Taking a cue from Chris Bessert, I've compiled a listing of major MnDOT projects for 2001:

- Reconstruction of the infamous "Crosstown Commons" (I-35W/MN 62) will begin, and will be at least a 2-3 year job. Once completed, I-35W will be separated from MN 62 (finally), and will have an additional lane each direction (to be an HOV during rush hours), for a total of 3 each direction from MN 13 to MN 62, and 4 each direction from MN 62 to the MN 65 split near downtown Minneapolis.  [Editor's Note:  This particular version of the Crosstown Commons project was delayed by the 2001 Legislature, with MnDOT given a Legislative directive to redesign the project with additional capacity and fewer long-term ramp/road closures (this version had parts of MN 62 closed for upwards of 4 years).  The redesigned Crosstown Commons begins construction in Summer, 2007.]

- Bridge replacement of the Ford Bridge over the Mississippi River (not sure how this'll work)

- Reconstruction of the I-94/694 and Hemlock Lane interchange in Maple Grove.

- Construction of a loop from SB MN 25 to EB I-94 in Monticello (this is a major commuter movement, and currently backs up the south ramp junction on MN 25 every rush hour).

- 2 locations on eastbound I-90 will receive new concrete pavement: from MN 13 to Petran, and from US 61 to the Mississippi River

- Concrete rehabilitation on I-94 from MN 120 to the St. Croix River

- Continuing reconstruction/upgrade on MN 100 from I-394 to north of MN 55. MN 100 is in the process of being upgraded from a 4 lane expressway to a 6 lane freeway between I-394 and CR 81, with a 4-lane freeway north of CR 81, with completion somewhere around 2005. This construction is part of that.

- Completion of the MN 23/US 71 bypass from a "semi-super-2" to a full 4-lane freeway

- Beginning 4-laning of MN 23 from I-94 southwest to near Rockville.

- Completing the 4-laning of MN 60 from Brewster to Heron Lake

- Interchange construction at MN 55/MN 62

- Various projects (mostly overlays) along MN 61 along the North Shore (between Duluth and Canada)

- A new Mississippi River bridge and 6-laning of MN 610 between MN 252 and US 10, as well as beginning ROW acquisition for MN 610 between US 169 and I-94

- Reconstruction of US 12 between Howard Lake and Montrose in Wright County. MnDOT's long-range plan for US 12 is to provide an "Improved-2" between Willmar and the western Twin Cities metro, with wide shoulders, turn lanes, passing lanes, and access management. There is local opposition to a 4-lane route, hence why MnDOT is pursuing an improved 2-lane design.

- Pavement reconstruction, adding a truck climing, and constructing a new interchange (at CR 3) on the Mankato side of the Mankato Bypass.  Pavement work on the North Mankato side of the bypass was done this year.

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