This report is from a week-long work trip I took to Pensacola, FL during February, 2001.

P'Cola for a week (roadtrip report)

Had the distinct (or indistinct) pleasure of having to go to Pensacola for a week of "Satellite Interpretation class". While the class was dry as a bone, it gave me the opportunity to do a little roadgeeking in the process (plus pulling some extra per diem). A few notes:

- Sign placement has begun for the US 45 Quitman (MS) bypass, although final paving has yet to be finished in some sections. When it DOES open up, old US 45 will become an extension of MS 145.

- Signs are up (but covered), and pavement markings have been laid for the US 84 Waynesboro bypass. I would hazard a guess that this means it'll be opening up within a month. More than likely, old US 84 through town will become MS 184.

- Saw a McDonalds that had driveways onto two different state highways (MS 63 and MS 26 in Lucedale).

- In effect, there are two different MS 63's in/near Lucedale. This is because, while the bypass is open west of town, the old route through town is still signed.

- Two steel-overhead truss bridges along MS 26 west of Lucedale. One of them, over the Pascagoula River, is part of a mile-long bridge structure.

- MS 26/57 intersection is signalized, which surprised me.

- Found regular unleaded for $1.299 off of I-10 Exit 28 near Gulfport.

- Next stage of I-10 6-laning along the Mississippi Gulf Coast is underway. This will extend the recently completed first section (between MP 28 and MP 40) east to I-110.

- (For Alex Nitzman): Baldwin County, AL is VERY GOOD at signing its county routes, in stark contrast to Mobile County.

- I-10 could use a 3rd lane each direction between US 29 and I-110 in P'cola.

- Some highway-related items on the local news, including a new "freeway style" bridge across Pensacola Bay, and a recent public hearing on 4-laning the last 2-lane section of US 98 between Mobile and the MS line.

- Found an Escambia CR 99, which ran between ALT US 90 and CR 184. Was this a former FL state highway, or is it a standalone CR?

- FL highways on the west side of Pensacola seem a bit "undergunned".

- Heading out of NAS Pensacola, there is a reassurance shield for NB FL 173 before you pass the "back gate". There is also a marked difference in the pavement at this point.

- With all the resorts and development along the beach, I found it quite interesting that, while AL 182 is 4/5 lanes, FL 292 is still 2 lanes.

- Meanwhile, the western end of AL 182 is at a U-turn/circle, the other side of which is a gate to a private community along the beach (forgot the name).

- Will be adding more AL and MS end pics in the next few days.

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