This report isn't a roadtrip report per-se, but was a listing of Memphis-related notes in response to a misc.transport.road thread on March 22, 2001.

Memphis notes

> 4) How are they going to accomplish any of this tedious, delicate
> work without EVER disturbing any of the land above it?  (Note:  referring to the thought of resurrecting I-40 through Overton Park in Memphis, TN)

Probably impossible...not only that, but they'd have to go back in and rip up the redevelopment along the non-Overton Park sections. And I don't exactly think the locals would appreciate that...

> Besides, TDOT is fully behind fixing up the two interchanges with
> I-240, both Downtown and in East Memphis, so that I-40 traffic has
> as seamless a transition as possible.

On top of that, there's enough room along MOST of I-40 between the two I-240 interchanges to accommodate additional growth if need come by.

On some related notes:

- I discovered last weekend that the TN 385 and TN 205 interchanges along I-40 are connected together via C/D roads, so there's a single exit and entrance ramp on each side of I-40, with all interchange movements handled by the C/D roads. The I-40/TN 385 interchange is also a standard cloverleaf.

- The lane closures have started at the eastern I-40/240 interchange.

- On to the I-55 South widening, it looks like it should open north of the Winchester Rd overpass within a few weeks. Final paving on this part seems to be completed, and lane striping and new signage is in place. If it were up to me, I'd open up all lanes northbound, but keep southbound restricted until the rest of the project is completed.

- As for the rest of the project, I would estimate that we're looking towards the end of the year before it is completed.

- Got to see plans for the proposed I-55/MS 304 interchange.  Interestingly, it's being proposed as a cloverleaf, with C/D roads on I-55. MS 304 is being designed as 4 lanes (with plenty of room in the middle), while the I-55 part appears as if it will accommodate an eventual 8 lanes (not counting the C/D roads).

- Sign replacement on US 78 is now fully underway between Exit 30 (Holly Springs) and Exit 48 (Hickory Flat). I'd guess that the replacement is about 30% completed.

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