This report shows a few notes from around New Jersey during Labor Day weekend, 2001.

A few NJ notes from the weekend...

Visiting a friend this weekend...haven't had much opportunity for "roadgeeking", but I have a few notes here:

- Construction progressing on three locations: widening US 206 near Manville, the I-95/NJ 31 interchange modifications, and a parallel span across the Raritan on US 9.

- Got pics of the end of NJ 27 in Princeton, if anyone is doing a NJ ends page.

- There are some *OLD* JCT CR 533 shields (square shield, black lettering on a white background) on Camplain Rd in Manville (on both sides of CR 533). Got pictures for whomever's interested.

- GSP BGS at Exit 98 had the black border for the NJ 138 shield, but not the NJ 34 shield.

- Note for SPUI (update to your county routes page): If CR 509 SPUR has indeed been replaced by a CR 577 extension, it hasn't been signed as such yet from CR 509. The CR 509 SPUR shields are still up at the Springfield Ave/Broad St intersection in Westfield (where the 509/509 Spur junction formerly was....also for SPUI, that's considered Westfield, not Kenilworth.)

- Noticed Monmouth CR 47 in Spring Lake, off of NJ 35.

- About 3 miles of US 22 has been widened to 6 lanes, on either side of the new Watchung Square (a new retail development on the north side of US 22 in Watchung, don't remember the specific cross-street).

Will post more if I remember anything more, or if I see anything else between now and the airport tomorrow afternoon.

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