This report is from the second half of Day 2 of my transfer from the Mississippi Gulf Coast to Norfolk, VA, on December 1, 2001.

Roadtrip Report #2 (MS-VA)

At least one person here should believe that I'd be desperate enough to drag my computer into my hotel room and set it up for tonight...:o)

Day 2 (continuing from Centre, AL)

General route taken: AL 9/GA 20/GA 100/GA 48/AL 117/I-65/I-24/Lookout Mountain area/I-24/I-75.

- Resurfacing project on AL 9 from the AL 68 junction in Cedar Bluff to about a mile east. AL 9 is 5-lane undivided along this segment.

- Picked up some more AL ends, and even a couple GA ends (is anyone doing one of these?).

- A noticeable "bump" between the old AL concrete and newer (but still old) GA asphalt on NB I-59.

- New exit numbers are up along I-59 in Georgia, EXCEPT at I-24 (exit to WB I-24 is still signed "Exit 4").

- GaDOT is doing ramp reconstruction at all 4 interchanges (excluding I-24) along I-59, as well as at I-24/GA 299 and I-75/GA 2. Appears that they are using concrete for the reconstruction.

- Driving TN 148 up or down Lookout Mountain is always fun, if you have the right car and no slowpokes in front of you...

- Attempted a vidcap going down Lookout Mountain on NB TN 148. It was after dark so it may not turn out.

- Added a few Georgia counties to the collection.

- On tap for tomorrow: Nantahala Gorge, and other NC sights.

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