This report is from a trip to Roselle Park, NJ on February 16, 2002.

Quick VA-NJ roadtrip

Not much out of the ordinary, but a few notes worth mentioning:

Route taken: US 13/DE 1/US 13/I-295/US 1/GSP

- Traffic was noticeably heavy going southbound along virtually my entire trip. Overall estimate is about 2/1 ratio for southbound-to-northbound traffic.

- Next time someone takes US 13 along the Eastern Shore, look closely in the southeast quadrant of the US 13/VA 184 intersection (north of the RR). You can just barely make out where US 13 curved to the west towards Cape Charles, along its pre-CBBT alignment.

- Related to US 13 along VA's Eastern Shore, VDOT has a study underway to create an overall vision for the corridor. The website has a really cool system for showing the alternates overlaid on aerial imagery along the entire corridor from CBBT up to the MD line (and VA 175 east to Wallops Island as well)....something that I hope gets repeated in the future. The website is .

- Maryland really needs to start looking at a freeway alternative for US 13 from Salisbury to the DE line.

- After crossing the DE Mem. Bridge, how far past the I-295/NJ TPK split is the Exit 1 toll booth on the TPK? Noticed that the backup began just past where NB I-295 crosses over the TPK. Based on previous posts in here, I would guess that this is not an rare thing on Friday nights.

- At one point on I-295 north of NJ 38, I was the only northbound vehicle for about 3/4 mile...a far cry from the southbound lanes.

- Has NJDOT started synchronizing the stoplights along US 1?  Seemed that way...I only missed 3 lights between I-295 and US 130/NJ 171...and most of them were noticeably inter-connected...

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