This was a preliminary "totals" report from my 2003 Vacation.  I posted it on May 10, 2003.

Preliminary trip totals (VA to MN and back)

"Froggie's 2003 Roadtrip" is over. I'll get into more detailed trip reports when I have time to dig through my maps and digital photos to note observations made. In the meantime, here's some preliminary numbers:

Time of trip: 18 days, 14 hours (left at roughly 7:15am EDT on the 18th....returned at roughly 9:15pm on the 6th)

Total mileage: 6,523.4 miles (does not include an 800-some mile storm chase last week to Missouri in which I didn't drive).

States involved (in chronological order, not including "repeats"): VA, MD, PA, NJ, WV, KY, IN, IL, IA, MN, NE, MO, TN

Counties added: 103 (bringing my total thus far to 1,365).

Counties added, by state:

IL: 13 (fully clinched)
IN: 11
KY: 39 (major runnings through Kentucky both out and back)
MO: 10
NE: 1 (side trip to Omaha)
PA: 5
TN: 1 (Cumberland Gap)
VA: 10 (only 2 left to go!)
WV: 13

Digital photos taken: 1,519 (involving 15 separate downloadings from my memory stick...many of those while on the road)

Equivalent film purchase/development cost of photos taken: $622.79 (meaning I've almost "paid off" my digital camera...)

State sections of Interstates clinched:

I-24 IL
I-29 IA
I-35 IA
I-64 WV
I-64 VA
I-235 IA (Des Moines area)
I-480 IA/NE (Omaha area)

Cheapest gas found (87 octane): $1.289 in Burnsville, MN on May 4th

Most expensive gas found (87 octane): $1.599 in Minneapolis, MN in late April (don't remember which day)

Gas station oddity: saw three Marathon stations in Minnesota....have never seen a Marathon station before in the state.

Given my other backlogs, it will take God-knows-how-long to sort through my photos and info and upload them to my website. That said, my county collecting logs have been updated and I have uploaded 40 photos I took from a 2 hour hike in and around Cumberland Gap on the 6th. Most of them are scenery-related, although photos #4, 10, 13, 29, 30, 33, 34, 36, and 37 in particular show what has been done along the former highway ROW. Impressive work! The photos are currently at .....caution: no index page up yet, and for those on dial-up connections, my smallest photo is 75kb, with a few of them over 200kb.  [Editor's Note:  the URL still exists, and I do have an index page up now.]

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