This is a quick report from the opening of the I-85 portion of the Greensboro, NC Interstate loop, on February 22, 2004.

I-85 Greensboro (NC) Loop open

Adam Prince and Bob Malme are probably out there now as I type. I was in the area this morning, though, and noticed that it was open when I approached Greensboro around 8:30am. Some notes:

- 6 through lanes...mainline paved in concrete (ramps, C/D roads, and the connections on either end are in asphalt).  Signed 65 MPH.

- 8 lanes from US 421 west to where I-40 will split off in the the vicinity of the US 220 interchange.

- Once paving and sign placement are complete (not yet as of this morning), it'll be a smooth transition at the southwest end.  There'll be 5 lanes each way between where the new I-85 and BL-85 merge going southbound, and where BL-85 splits off to go to High Point.

- Some overheads still need to be placed at the SW end...mostly northbound.

- No access to US 220 from the northbound lanes (at least not currently).  Traffic wanting to get to US 220 must still use now-BL-85.

- Both the US 421 and US 220 interchanges have C/D roads where applicable.  The US 421 interchange has a flyover from NB 421 to SB 85.

That's about it for my notes. Took a lot of photos, but haven't gone through them yet.

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