This report is from Day 4 of my return trip back east on July 1, 2004, during my 2004 summer vacation.

Froggie's 2004 Summer Vacation, Return Day 4:  Close to the End

Slept in late in Greensboro, NC, and checked E-mail quick before hitting the road. Main goal today was to get back to Virginia Beach, as we had plans to visit with friends that afternoon.

Basically took the "straight and narrow": I-40/I-85/US 58/I-664 (briefly)/I-264/I-64/US 13.

- Did not see any indications that former I-85 is now BUSINESS I-85.

- Through Durham, new concrete pavement has been laid from east of Roxboro Rd to the north end of the project, though is not in use...traffic still uses the temporary bypasses. Traffic on WB US 70 was using 1 lane of its new bridge over the future I-85 mainline. The future flyover from SB I-85 to EB US 70 looks to be about 3/4 complete...some deck work and the bridge railings still need to be done.

- Never noticed this before (never really been in a position to), but BGS at the I-85/US 58 interchange also include VA 47 shields, though slightly in error...should be TO VA 47.

- Didn't report this on previous trips, but there's a new signal on US 58 in eastern South Hill, east of I-85. Has been installed sometime in the last 3-4 months, and was operating by Memorial Day weekend.

- Construction continues on either a bridge replacement or a bridge redecking on US 58 at LaCrosse. The EB bridge is the one being worked on, with 2-lane/2-way traffic using the WB bridge.

- No major changes east through Emporia. Gas is still obscenely expensive at the I-95/US 58 interchange. Was surprised to see no cops in Emporia.

- The VA 35 Nottoway River bridge at Courtland was still closed...dunno if it has reopened since then.

- Made a brief stop in Franklin to grab a bite to eat, and also for Meaghan to "clinch" that independent city. The city limits are just north of the US 58 freeway.

- The eastbound lanes on US 58 were recently repaved between the Blackwater River and VA 272.

- Traffic was thick, but relatively uneventful around Southside Hampton Roads.  About a 5 minute delay at the Downtown Tunnel, but that's nothing unusual for a weekday afternoon.

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