This isn't a roadtrip report per se, but instead is a post I made regarding research into a few various U.S. route termini.  I posted this on August 18, 2004.

Ends of various US highways

Starting with US 60 in Virginia Beach, VA...

The city of Virginia Beach (which is responsible for maintenance and signing of all roads within the city's jurisdiction except for I-64 and I-264) has finally replaced the end sign at US 60's eastern terminus, located just south of Rudee Inlet near the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. A photo of the sign (also showing a sign error) is on a new US Ends page of mine:

Moving on to Tennessee.

Relating to earlier MTR discussion on US highways in Memphis, I recently obtained detailed city maps of Memphis from TDOT, spurred on by that thread.  The maps seem to confirm that US 72 indeed ends at Union Ave/Bellevue Blvd.  Related to that, in 1999, there was a signage error on EB Union Ave over I-240, which indicated that US 72 existed west of Bellevue Blvd and that US 51 did not follow that part of Union.

I also picked up a set of Chattanooga maps, as I was curious about the termini of four US routes within that city, specifically 72, 74, 76, and 127.

- The maps confirm that US 72 and US 76 terminate at the same intersection:  Broad St and Main St. This is consistent with what little signage exists in the area: (temporary location)

US 72 ends quad-plexed with US 11/41/64, while US 76 ends duplexed with US 41.

- While the maps weren't completely clear on US 74, they did confirm that US 74 is duplexed and hidden along I-75. This correlates to earlier evidence I've found that US 74 ends at the I-24/I-75 interchange.

- One big surprise is that, contrary to END signage photographed in 1999, US 127 does *NOT* end at US 27 in Red Bank. Instead, according to maps, US 127 continues south along Cherokee Blvd, then crosses the Market St bridge into downtown Chattanooga. The maps are not clear on where US 127 DOES end, but it is likely at the Market St/M.L.K. Blvd intersection. MLK Blvd at this location is US 11/US 64.

Some interesting finds.

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