This isn't a roadtrip report per se, but details the "grand reopening" of US 52 through Rochester, after 5 years of construction from a 4-lane substandard highway into a 6-lane modern freeway.  This post was written on October 1, 2005.

US 52 "End of Construction Celebration" (Rochester, MN)

Noticed a reference to this, and still don't have the full story, but apparently there is an "End of Construction Celebration" going on today in Rochester, MN to celebrate the end of (major) construction on the ROC52 project.

Though the ROC52 project website alludes to some minor closures and lingering frontage road construction, it appears that construction on the main US 52 lanes is now completed.

The ROC52 project (to date the largest single project bid letting in MnDOT history) began a few years ago and is a massive overhaul of US 52 through Rochester, which *REALLY* needed it...some sections were over 40 years old. Some items of note about the project:

- The project ran from US 63 northwest to 85th St NW (1 mile north of Olmsted CSAH 14), and included full reconstruction of US 52 through this area.

- Previously ending at 65th St NW, the project extended the freeway section on US 52 about 2.5 miles further northwest to 90th St NW via the construction of overpasses at 65th and 85th Streets NW and a new interchange at CSAH 14/75th St NW.

- The project widened US 52 to 6 through lanes (plus additional auxiliary lanes in a few locations) between US 63 and CSAH 14.

- Two interchanges were significantly revised with the project: the interchange at US 14 West/Civic Center Dr became a 6-ramp par-clo (loops in NE and SW quads), while the interchange at 19th St NW became a SPUI (one of only seven in the state, though two more are planned in the Twin Cities).

An MTR regular (Scott Kuznicki IIRC) noted in a recent trip about exit numbers on US 52 in Rochester.  I had received confirmation from the contractor that exit numbers would indeed be added on US 52 as part of the project, though I haven't seen a list of them nor have I seen any photos.

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