This report shows a few Mississippi notes from early January, 2006.

Addendum to south Mississippi notes

A few additional notes from my MDOT research:

- Found the signing plans for the now-open "South Nissan Interchange", which was built to provide additional access to the Nissan facility off I-55 between Gluckstadt and Canton. According to a MDOT press release, the interchange was opened right before Christmas, and according to the plans is signed as Exit 114 for Sowell Rd. The northbound side is a standard diamond configuration, while the southbound side has a cloverleaf configuration plus a C/D road. My I-55 exit list has been updated accordingly.

- Located the "as built" plan for the US 98 bypass south of Hattiesburg, in particular searching for the "ultimate configuration" for the I-59/US 98 interchange. At the time, US 98 was proposed to continue west of I-59 on new alignment, rather than along its existing alignment west of I-59. Those plans are still a long-range goal.  The existing interchange, as many of you know, is a trumpet interchange that looks like it was built to be expanded further, as it indeed was.  The plans show two options for the "ultimate configuration".  One is for a 7-ramp partial-cloverleaf with a C/D road along southbound I-59 (the reason for the long ramps along southbound I-59 there today).  The other option replaces the ramp from SB 59 to EB 98 with a flyover ramp.  Both options omit a loop from EB 98 to NB 59...instead, traffic for this movement makes a left turn onto what is now the ramp from WB 98 to NB 59.

Will be interesting to see if this remains the plan when/if the roadway is extended west of I-59.

- Drove the noticed and partially signed "MS 43A" located between Silver Creek and Arm in Lawrence County. Found 3 MS 43A shields, one on each end and a southbound reassurance shield south of Old St. Stevens Rd. Although the southern portion of this appears to have been state maintained at one point (indeed older maps, as recent as 1998, depict this as mainline MS 43), MDOT's state highway system map shows that it is no longer the case.

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