This report came from the discovery of a freeway system study in west central Wisconsin.  This was posted on April 20, 2006.

WisDOT "West Central Freeway System" study

Just found this report on the WisDOT website. A fascinating study at the highway system between Eau Claire and the Minnesota area that is seeing significant growth as an offshoot of the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

The study concentrates primarily on I-94 between Hudson and Eau Claire, and the main roads feeding off of I-94: WI 35, WI 65, and US 63.  Amongst the findings and recommendations:

- Most of the underlying pavement on I-94 between Hudson and Eau Claire is nearly 50 years old, dating from the original construction of I-94.  The report cites the need for what will be expensive pavement replacement, regardless of whatever else is decided for I-94.

- As for other I-94 recommendations, the main one is lane additions between Hudson and Baldwin, resulting in 8 lanes along the I-94/WI 35 duplex and 6 lanes from WI 35 to US 63.

- A freeway bypass of Baldwin is proposed for US 63, running from just north of I-94 to near CTH E, about 4-4.5 miles. It's unclear from the report whether the I-94/US 63 interchange would be improved.  Relocation of US 12 around Baldwin was also suggested as part of the US 63 improvements.

- Expressway is proposed for WI 65 between I-94 and New Richmond, including a bypass of Roberts.

- The study reiterated the recommendation for a WI 35 freeway between I-94 and River Falls.

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