This commentary is from a news article on a highway project on US 84 near Monticello, MS. This was posted on June 2, 2006.

Mississippi news (US 84, US 90)

Two recent news items from Mississippi:

- According to an article from the Daily Leader (out of Brookhaven, IIRC), the US 84 Monticello bypass is supposed to open by the end of the month:

Though it doesn't say it outright, wordage in the article suggests that US 84 4-laning from Brookhaven to Monticello should also be completed around the same time.

- No article here, but next Tuesday (the 6th), the state transportation commission is scheduled to award the project that will replaced the destroyed Biloxi-Ocean Springs bridge along US 90. As mentioned previously on MTR, the proposed bridge will be a 95-foot-high fixed span, 6-lanes wide with shoulders and a bike/ped path, replacing the old and destroyed 4-lanes-with-no-shoulders drawbridge.

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