This commentary is from various articles on Mississippi highway projects. This was posted on September 16, 2006.

A few Mississippi articles

A couple articles on a renewed attempt to push Toll Road legislation through the Mississippi Legislature. Currently, state law prohibits toll roads within the state. There's been an attempt every year for the past 5 years (and even a few before that) to try and get toll road legislation passed, but it's never gone anywhere.

Personally, I find the comments by opponents to be both funny and extremely ignorant. They cite the HELP bonding program, which is essentially a form of Federal Advance Construction, and as a result will tie up future Federal highway funding in paying off the bonds. A state representative from Brandon said: "It's the responsibility of the Legislature and MDOT to build roads for people to get to and from work."

Of course, the Legislature has also taken over $300 million from MDOT in recent years to shore up other areas of the state budget. And I highly doubt the Legislature will give that money back...

A few articles on the push to get ferry service installed across the Bay of St Louis. The goal is to have ferry service started by November 1. Even though it's an extra 10-15 miles looping around to I-10 (depending on your location), I'm wondering why they're bothering with the ferry service given tha it's taking this long to get it started.  Granite Archer Western's bridge contract requires 2 lanes to be open on the new/replacement bridge by May, so the ferry will only be in use for 7 months or so.

Memphis Business Journal article noting that the new MS 304 (and partially I-69) freeway in DeSoto County will open on October 3rd.

This past Thursday (the 14th) was the ribbon cutting ceremony for a new interchange on I-55 near Senatobia, and a new 4-lane connector road from the interchange to US 51 south of Senatobia. Based on the article, it looks like the new road is MS 740. From what I saw of the design plans, it was designed and built in such a way as to possibly become part of a future MS 4 Senatobia bypass.

Lastly, this MDOT press release from a couple weeks ago announced the completion of 4-laning US 82 across the state (not counting the Greenville Bridge). August 29th marked the completion of the last segment, from just east of Kilmichael to somewhere west of Eupora.

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