This report was regarding the then-impending passage of legislation authorizing Mississippi's first modern toll roads.  This was posted on March 29, 2007.

Toll road legislation passes in Mississippi

This is *BIG* news. As noted in the article, toll road legislation has been submitted unsuccessfully for the past several years. The passage of this bill and the likelihood of the Governor's signature mark a major shift.

Though nothing official has been proposed, a few roads that I've heard bantered about as potential toll candidates are:

- I-69
- I-269 (unlikely now)
- "Metro Airport Parkway" in Jackson (linking downtown Jackson with the airport)
- East Harrison County Connector (proposed freeway between I-10 near Woolmarket and US 90 near the Coast Coliseum)
- An Interstate-grade facility between Gulfport and Jackson, generally along the US 49 corridor.

Will be interesting to see how things pan out, if this indeed gets signed by the Governor.

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