August 24, 2006, southern Minnesota

Below are a few photos of the two tornadoes that occurred on this day in southern Minnesota.  The first tornado was a weak and short-lived F0 southeast of New Ulm.  The second tornado was much stronger, a multiple-vortex F3 that stayed on the ground for 33 miles and killed one person in Kasota.

This chase also marked the first time Meaghan and I were able to chase together.  Several other Minnesota chasers were in the vicinity.

The Chanhassan (MN) NWS office has a page here.


Zoomed in photo of the first tornado, from about 2 miles away.  We were at the corner of County 47 and County 101 in far northwestern Blue Earth County.


Distance shot of the main storm.  We were looking northeast from the Hwy 68/County 47 junction, on the south side of the Minnesota River, at this storm cell to the northeast about 3 miles away...roughly halfway between Courtland and Nicollet.  This photo coincidentally was taken around the same time that the F3 tornado touched down.


It's hard to tell from this photo, but there's a multi-vortex tornado in the middle of the background.  We were just south of Nicollet on County 23, looking east-northeast.  This was the last good view we got of the tornado itself, as it was already 4-5 miles ahead of us and moving 35-40 MPH...too fast for us to be able to catch up.  Though in our attempt to catch up, we saw a lot of damage in Nicollet, Kasota, and just south of Cleveland.

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