The 8/27/01 Waveland-Long Beach Waterspout

These photographs are associated with a waterspout that briefly formed just off the beach in Waveland, MS and traveled east just off shore to near Long Beach, MS.


By the time I'd heard of the Waterspout and made it down to the beach (I lived 3.5 miles away), the waterspout was already near the Long Beach municipal pier and was starting to "rope out" (i.e. dissipate).  If you look closely here, you can make out where the waterspout touched the water.


This waterspout developed along the leading edge of a thunderstorm.  Here's the base of the thunderstorm cell, showing the visible upper portion of the waterspout.


By this point, the waterspout was starting to die out.  If you look closely, you can still make it out.


Just off the beach in Long Beach, MS.


This is the last photograph I got of the waterspout.  It dissipated less than a minute after I took this photo.

Link #1

Link #2

The two links at left are animated GIFs, showing radar time lapses I made from Base Reflectivity data from the NWS WSR-88D Doppler Radar at Slidell, LA.  Link #1 shows the overall area, while Link #2 is a zoom-in of the area where the waterspout formed.  For reference, red lines represent Interstate highways, green lines represent county and parish lines, and white lines represent state lines and island boundaries.  North is to the top.  The body of water above New Orleans is Lake Pontchartrain, while the intersection of the two red lines east of that (near the center of Link #1) is the I-10/I-12/I-59 junction.  I-10 runs along the red line to the east (right) of that junction.

The waterspout formed just off of Waveland, at roughly the same time as the 2nd image in each time lapse.  It ran along the leading edge of the cell that formed between the beach and the barrier islands, and had dissipated by the time of the 2nd-to-last image.

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