Optional Naval Unit Components

This is a listing of "Level 3" components meant to compliment the listing on pg. 47 of the Aerotech 2 sourcebook.  Unless otherwise noted, the following items can be used on Small Craft, Dropships, Jumpships, Warships, and Space Stations.

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Light Vehicle Bay
Universal Bay
Escape Pods/Lifeboats
Updated Medical Bay
Updated Bridge

Light Mech or Fighter Bay

- Houses a Mech or Fighter up to 50 tons in weight.
- Weighs 100 tons.
- Cost is 12,000 C-bills.

Medium Mech or Fighter Bay

- Houses a Mech or Fighter up to 75 tons in weight.
- Weighs 125 tons.
- Cost is 16,000 C-bills.

Very Light Vehicle Bay

- Can hold a non-VTOL vehicle up to 25 tons, or a VTOL up to 15 tons.
- Weighs 25 tons.
- Cost is 2,500 C-bills.

Light Vehicle Bay

- Can hold any size VTOL, or a vehicle up to 50 tons.
- Weighs 50 tons.
- Cost is 5,000 C-bills.

Medium Vehicle Bay

- Can hold a vehicle up to 75 tons.
- Weighs 75 tons.
- Cost is 7,500 C-bills.

Very Heavy Vehicle Bay

- Can hold a super-heavy vehicle up to 200 tons.
- Weighs 200 tons.
- Cost is 20,000 C-bills.

Universal Bay

The Universal Bay is a modular, reconfigurable bay which has facilities to accommodate Mechs, vehicles, infantry (both Battlearmor and standard), passengers, or cargo.   Reconfiguring the bays between modes is a relatively simple matter.  Slightly oversized, the Universal Bay also has facilities to accommodate the mech's or vehicle's crewmen.

The Universal Bay can accommodate the following:

- One mech (with mechwarrior and technician)
- Two mechs of up to 25 tons each (including 2 mechwarriors and 2 technicians)
- One vehicle of up to 110 tons (including crew)
- Two vehicles of up to 55 tons each (including crew)
- Three vehicles of up to 35 tons each (including crew)
- Four vehicles of up to 25 tons each (including crew)
- 60 Battlearmor troops
- 4 Infantry platoons (any type)
- 150 tons of cargo

- Reconfiguring the bays takes 30 minutes per bay and does not require any rolls.
- Weighs 165 tons.
- Cost is 50,000 C-bills.

Escape Pods/Lifeboats

- Small Escape Pod w/mechanism weighs 5 tons and costs 4,000 C-bills
- Large Escape Pod w/mechanism weighs 8 tons and costs 10,000 C-bills
- Small Lifeboat w/mechanism weighs 7 tons and costs 5,000 C-bills
- Large Lifeboat w/mechanism weighs 10 tons and costs 10,000 C-bills

Updated Medical Bay

- Has no significant effect in an AT2/BT game, but can have a significant effect during a campaign.
- After every scenario in a campaign, can perform a number of healing actions equal to the number of "updated beds" available.  Each healing action can do one of the following:
     - Remove 1 box of pilot damage from a MechWarrior or Aerospace Pilot
     - Restore 1 vehicle or ship crewman (provided it was a casualty and not a fatality)
     - Restore 2 troopers from an Infantry platoon or Battlearmor unit (provided they were casualties and not fatalities)
- For player characters, it functions as a fully stocked, advanced facility in terms of bonuses applied to skill rolls.
- Weighs 10 tons per bed.
- Cost is 10,000 C-bills per bed.

Updated Bridge

- Improved systems and computers give a +1 bonus to all Control Rolls, including Docking Rolls and Jump Rolls.
- Weighs 1% of the ship's mass (replaces the regular bridge mass)
- Cost is 500,000 + (20 x craft tonnage) C-bills.
- Recommendation for HeavyMetal Aero incorporation:  Add as custom "Other Equipment".  Calculate tonnage as 0.75% of craft mass for Jumpships and Warships, and 0.25% of craft mass for Dropships.  Manually calculate the cost.

Updated CIC

- Upgraded combat systems and reinforced structure improve combat rolls and lessen the chance of CIC destruction.
- Additional "critical hit point". (Meaning takes 4 CIC hits to destroy CIC instead of 3)
- -1 bonus to target to-hit numbers while undamaged.  First CIC critical hit negates this bonus, but has no other effect.  2nd CIC hit gives +2 to-hit penalty, 3rd CIC hit a +4 to-hot penalty, and CIC destroyed on the 4th hit.
- Weighs 0.5% of ship's mass.
- Cost is 600,000 + (10 x craft tonnage) C-bills.
- Add 20% to the Offensive Battle Rating (after applying Speed Factor) when determining BV.
- Recommendation for HeavyMetal Aero incorporation:  Add as custom "Other Equipment".  Manually calculate the tonnage and cost.  On the printed record sheet, manually add an additional CIC box to the left of the existing boxes, marked with a "0" (to represent the first CIC hit negating the to-hit bonus).  Determine the Offensive Battle Rating (from the BV Calculations screen), then apply an additional 20% of the Offensive Battle Rating to the final Battle Value listed in the lower left corner of the record sheet.

Updated Radar

- Extended range and more durability.  May also be used on fighters.
- Doubles the detection range (if using the detection rules from Battlespace).
- Adds an additonal sensor box, so it requires 4 Sensor hits to destroy the Sensors.
- For Dropships of 2,000 tons and larger, weighs 0.1% of ship's mass.  For smaller vessels and fighters, weighs 2 tons.
- Cost is 200,000 C-bills (in addition to standard sensor costs).
- Recommendation for HeavyMetal Aero incorporation:  Add as custom "Other Equipment".  Manually calculate the tonnage.  On the printed record sheet, manually add an additional Sensor box.

Updated Communications

- Upgraded, shielded radio and laser-link communications.
- As long as there are no crew hits, gives a +1 bonus to the Initiative roll (if rolling for individual ships).
- If all vessels on one side have Updated Comms, gives a +1 Initiative bonus to that side.
- Improves ship-to-surface communications.  If ship is maintaining orbit and is not in combat, gives an additional +1 Initiative to surface units that include a unit with Enhanced Satellite Uplinks.
- Weighs 0.1% of ship's mass.
- Cost is 500,000 C-bills.
- Recommendation for HeavyMetal Aero incorporation:  Add as custom "Other Equipment".  Manually calculate the tonnage.

If you have any other ideas, or comments/suggestions on the above items, please let me know.  In the future, I will be adding optional rules for missiles.

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