Froggie's Rec.Games.Mecha Archive

This is the page where I will post various designs, systems, and ideas from the denizens of the newsgroup.  The below items include the author/designer, and are used here with their permission.  If any of these items are in error, or if you know of something that's been posted to that you think I should include here, please let me know.

Alternate/Optional Rules Sets

Aerotech 2

Mech designs

TH7-O Thor ST
Thunderbolt IIC
HBK-6G Hunchback
VTR-10L Victor
BLR-2K Battlemaster

Additional Weapons/Equipment

Athena Fire Control System
Cheap Fusion Engines
Compact LRMs (C-LRM)
Continuous Beam PPC (CB-PPC)
Dead Eye Lasers
Omnimech Refit Kit

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