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Lushann Industrials Limited (LIL) is a small, but reliable laser weaponry firm located in the Outworlds Alliance of the Periphery.  For years, they have produced lasers and flamers for the Alliance military.  After the reintroduction of Star League technology, which started filtering into the Outworlds Alliance in the early 3050s, LIL began a limited research operation, aimed at improving laser weaponry.  The first fruits of this research, resulting in a new type of laser weapon.  The Dead Eye (DE) Large Laser is about to begin production.

The Dead Eye Large Laser is a unique energy weapon.  It is, in effect, a blending of a Large Laser and a Streak system, in that it targets much like a Streak SRM, but fires like a Large Laser.  Larger than a standard Large Laser, the DE Large has modified capacitors and an integral targeting pack tied to it, developed by the research team at LIL.  The capacitors were modified to where they will hold a charge should the targeting pack fail to lock on.  The targeting pack operates by sending out an adjusted low-level beam, which will bounce back from the target, confirming target location, and then shoot the laser.  Since lasers travel at the speed of light, this is an instantaneous process, generally speaking.  If the targeting pack fails to lock onto the target, the laser does not fire.  This has the double benefit of reducing wear on the laser system, and reducing wasteful heat buildup in a case where the laser would miss anyway.

The targeting system used on the DE Large does have a couple drawbacks.  The targeting beam can tell differences in density, so it can delineate between most materials (such as mech armor, or a cement wall, or foliage).  The targeting beam has enough intensity to penetrate fog and smoke, but cannot penetrate more solid items.  Trees and bushes are an especially troublesome item to target the DE Laser through.  Also because of the nature of the targeting beam, targeting infantry is extremely difficult.

Rumors have floated since Operation Bulldog that suggest the Clans may have a similar item, although these rumors are not yet confirmed.

Game Notes:

The Dead Eye Large Laser has two modes, "standard" and "dead-eye".  In Battletech, the mode may be switched during the End Phase of any turn.  In MechWarrior, switching the mode is considered a Simple Action.

In "standard" mode, the DE Large functions as a normal laser.  The below rules are for "dead-eye" mode:

In "dead-eye" mode, the targeting beam fires to confirm target before the main beam fires.  In effect, the to-hit roll is made as normal.  If the to-hit roll is successful, the laser fires and automatically hits, causing normal damage.  If the to-hit roll fails, the laser does not fire, but the system still generates 1 heat (due to the targeting beam and holding of the charge).

The DE Large Laser has difficulty firing through woods and foliage.  This is represented by a +1 modifer to the target number to-hit for each hex of woods being fired through or into.  This is in addition to all normal terrain and other modifiers.

The DE Large Laser also has great difficulty targeting infantry.  This is represented by a +2 modifier to the target number to-hit for attacking standard infantry, and a +1 modifier for battlearmor.

The Clans also have a similar system, which is slightly less bulky and has a slightly longer range.

Weapon Statistics:

    Weapon        Heat  Damage  Min  Short  Med.  Long  Tons  Crit  Ammo
    IS DE Large     8......8.....0....1-5...6-10..11-15...6.....3....--
    Clan DE Large   8......8.....0....1-6...7-12..13-18...6.....2....--

     * - See game rules for this equipment.

     Cost:  200,000 C-bills
     Battle Value:  210 (IS version), 240 (Clan version)
     Availability:  Outworlds Alliance
                    Draconis Combine
                    Federated Commonwealth (Fed. Suns)

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