This is a set of "rules" that one of my old gaming groups and I came up with for "Battletech Football" years ago.  It was first meant as a joke, but actually became quite popular with our group.  Also as part of the joke, we used a Savannah Master for the football.

After a post, I decided to dig them out and post them here for the curious.

Game Notes:

Punch - As per BMR rules

Kick - As per BMR rules

Charge - As per BMR rules

Trip - Opposing Piloting Roll.  Causes opponent's mech to trip and fall.

Run - As per BMR rules

Handoff - Piloting roll at -2 for both "giver" and "receiver".




You may not fire any weapons if you are engaged in a physical activity (i.e. Punch, Kick, Charge, Tackle, Push, etc). You may not move through mechs, but jumping over them is okay. If you jump, enemy mechs may hit you if they're in an adjacent hex.

We usually had an "unwritten" rule regarding weapons fire. Generally, you could only fire weapons at the ball holder, or if you had the ball, at those firing at you. Most of the "game" consisted of physical attacks anyway.

Comments and questions are welcomed.

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