Early Minnesota Pics

These are photos from my early-to-mid childhood, up until when I was around 12.  Photos are arranged roughly by date/year taken.  Click on a thumbnail for a larger photo.

A young Froggie from many many years ago.
My brother Eric and I, ca. 1981.
Up at my grandfather's cabin, I think I was 7 or 8 at the time.
Reining in the 1984 New Year with Eric.
Some of my 3rd Grade class in our Halloween (1984) costumes.  Of the others in the photo, I managed to make it through high school with 4 of them.
On a slip-and-slide down at my grandparents house in Hartland, MN.
Helping my aunt's ex-husband up at their cabin in 1985.
Christmas, 1986 with Eric (right) and Dana (bottom).
Dana (left) and Eric (right) during Christmas, 1987.
Christmas, 1987, with a 2-year-old Dana smiling for the camera.  Now that he's taller than me, I have to look back on photos like this to remember when it was the other way around...
Christmas, 1987, with my brothers and some of my cousins from my mother's side of the family.  Second from the right, Elizabeth, was the youngest at the time.

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