Minnesota Pics

This page shows various photos from around Minnesota, including several personal photos.  Photos are arranged roughly by date/year taken.  Click on a thumbnail for a larger photo.

My senior photo.  If you can believe it, my hair was long and had a small tail at the back of my neck.  Photo taken September, 1993.
Playing cribbage in the backyard with Dad.  Photo taken August, 1996.
Yes, even within the metro, deer abound.  This one was found while on a bike ride in Minnetonka.  Photo taken August, 1996.
The Luce Line State Trail, one of Minnesota's first rails-to-trails projects.  This was built in 1975 and paved with crushed limestone, which can make for an interesting ride.  This particular location is somewhere in the Orono/Long Lake vicinity. Photo taken August, 1996.
A Burlington Northern railroad locomotive, painted in something other than their old white-on-green or their current BNSF color scheme.  Taken from the Luce Line Trail overpass near Long Lake. Photo taken August, 1996.
On a bike trip around Rochester.  Photo taken August, 1996.
The Zumbro River, as seen near sunset in southwestern Rochester. Photo taken August, 1996.
A rural Minnesota landscape view, from central Scott County.  The shadows in the lower left corner are of me and my friend Jason.  Photo taken August, 1996.
Jason (left) and his father working on the lemon-of-a-truck Jason had a the time, a '92 Ford F150.  Photo taken August, 1996.
Looking west from the space needle at the Minnesota State Fair.  Downtown Minneapolis is in the far background.  August, 1996.

"Up at the Cabin".  Two photos taken at my late grandfather's lake cabin in Cass County, now my uncle's retirement home.  Taken August 27, 1999.
Church steeple in Jordan, at the MN 21/MN 282 intersection.  Taken April 22, 2003.

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