Coronado Beach (San Diego, CA)

My first full day in San Diego began with a quick excursion down to Coronado Beach, where I took these photos.  All photos were taken by the webmaster on October 22, 2007.

What looks like a refurbished lighthouse standing next to a lifeguard shack.
Real sand on a real beach, unlike what I live near (transplanted sand on a man-made beach).
Stopped and watched this bird for several minutes.  It kept darting out towards the water behind the retreating tide, pecking at something in the sand, then kept running back inland as the tide returned.  Many times, it looked like the waves would overtake the bird, but it was just fast enough to avoid getting wet.
Looking out towards Point Loma.
Looking up the beach towards NAS North Island.  With both the air station and Coronado Amphibious Base nearby, the beach is frequently used by military personnel for jogging and other physical training.
Another incoming wave, with Point Loma in the background.
This breaking wave came close to my feet.

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