Welcome to the highway photograph portion of Froggie's Place.  These pages document the many photographs and roadtrips I've taken over the last decade.

Click on a colored-in state below to view the photo index page for that state.  States that are not colored-in do not have separate pages.  Additional links are below the U.S. graphic.

Other Road Photos (not listed under a state above)

Definitions of Common acronyms used on these photo pages.

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U.S. Highway Endings

Alabama Highway Endings

Minnesota Highway Endings

Mississippi Highway Endings

Virginia Highway Endings (moved to vahighways.com)

Froggie's Chile Road Photos

Froggie's Iceland Roads Pics

Froggie's Norway Road Photos

Froggie's Panama Road and Street Photos

Froggie's Turkey Road Photos

Froggie's Halifax, Nova Scotia Pics

German Autobahn Photos

Virginia Photos - Moved to vahighways.com

"End US Highway" page - Dale Sanderson

Interstate Guide - From AARoads.com

State-ends.com - From Gribblenation.com

American Highway Project - Edgar Praus


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