California State Highway 52

CA 52 is an east-west freeway in the San Diego area, running from I-5 east to CA 125 in Santee.  These photos were taken in the short stretch between CA 163 and Santo Rd.  All photos were taken by the webmaster on October 22, 2007.

Eastbound CA 52, with the on-ramp from I-15 merging on.
This "next 3 interchanges" sign suggests a proposed but unbuilt interchange between Santo Rd and Mast Blvd.
Overhead guide sign at the Santo Rd exit.
Advance guide sign on westbound CA 52 for the I-15 interchange.  Note how CalTrans incorporated the exit number into the guide sign.
At the I-15 exit on westbound CA 52.  This is also the ramp to get to Kearny Villa Rd (parts of which might have been a former US 395 alignment).

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