Former California State Highway 209

According to Dan Faigin of, CA 209 no longer exists.  It previously ran from the I-5/I-8 interchange southwestward along Rosecrans St, then westward up a hill along Canon St, then southward along Catalina Blvd and through a U.S. military reservation, ending at Cabrillo National Monument on Point Loma.  Though CA 209 no longer officially exists, several route markers remain, both on I-8 and along the route itself.  All photos were taken by the webmaster in October, 2007.

Northbound "CA 209" coming out of Cabrillo National Monument.

Three photos showing former CA 209 (including one with a route marker still existing) through the military reservation, between Cabrillo National Monument and Catalina Blvd.
Now along northbound Rosecrans St, this is the intersection with Hugo St.  One block east (to the right) along Hugo St is the start of Harbor Drive.
Along northbound Rosecrans St, somewhere north of Nimitz Blvd.  The area to the right used to be a U.S. Navy Recruit Training Center.  The center closed in the 1990s, and has since been extensively redeveloped with both housing and retail.
Southbound Rosecrans St at Oliphant St (a few blocks north of Nimitz Blvd), showing a white-background "END BIKE LANE" sign.
Southbound on the military reservation, with a military cemetery on the left.
The south end of former CA 209 is at the entrance to Cabrillo National Monument.

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