San Diego's Pacific Highway

These photos show parts of Pacific Hwy in central San Diego.  Pacific Hwy begins at Harbor Dr in downtown San Diego and runs northward, skirting the east edge of San Diego Int'l Airport as well as the Marine Corps Recruit Depot (the Marine Corps boot camp).  A short section near the Recruit Depot is freeway grade.  US 101 followed Pacific Hwy many years ago.

All photos were taken by the webmaster in October, 2007.  Click on a thumbnail for a larger image.

These three photos show northbound Pacific Hwy along the west edge of downtown San Diego.  The middle photo is the intersection with Broadway, the main east-west street through downtown San Diego.
Northbound I-5, north of Hawthorn St, has a direct ramp to northbound Pacific Hwy, as seen here.

These four photos sequence the short freeway segment along northbound Pacific Hwy, from the I-5 connector to Barnett Ave.  Though it no longer exists, an overpass over Pacific Hwy used to exist in the third photo and still appears in some aerial images (including Google Earth).

Two traffic signals on Pacific Hwy north of Barnett Ave, one at Enterprise St (marking the end of the short freeway segment) and another just south of the I-5 overpass, leading into a parking area for the Old Town trolley station.
Southbound at Enterprise St, marking the southbound start of the short freeway segment.  In the background is the underpass under the northbound ramp to Barnett Ave

Two photos of the southbound side of the short Pacific Hwy freeway segment, showing the exit to Washington St and the connector to southbound I-5.

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