Minnesota Highway 42

Southern Terminus

Northern Terminus

At I-90 south of Eyota, MN** At US 61 in Kellogg, MN

** - MnDOT was granted authority by the state Legislature to extend MN 42 from US 14 near Eyota (MN 42's previous terminus), southward along Olmsted CSAH 7 to its interchange with I-90.  According to Monte Castleman, signage on December 30, 2002 did not indicate that the extension was posted.  However, signage had been posted at I-90 by April, 2003 indicating the new terminus.

Southern Terminus

Northbound view showing the interchange at I-90. Photo by Monte Castleman, taken April, 2003.

A close-up of the END signage, which is on the left side of the above photo. Photo by Monte Castleman, taken April, 2003.

This view looks south from the bridge over I-90. Photo by Monte Castleman, taken December, 2002.

Northern Terminus

END signage, approaching US 61. Photo by Monte Castleman, taken August, 2002.

The view from northbound US 61. Photo by Adam Froehlig, taken December 20, 2001.

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