U.S. Highway 65


Southern Terminus

Northern Terminus

Minnesota IA/MN State Line near Gordonsville, MN At I-35 in Albert Lea, MN
Nationally At US 61 in Natchez, MS** At I-35 in Albert Lea, MN

** - US 65's national southern terminus is a bit of a mystery.  See this page for more information.

Southern Terminus

Looking north at an overall view of where US 65 enters Minnesota.  Photo by Monte Castleman, taken in 2003.

A close-up of Minnesota's first US 65 reassurance shield, plus a 300 milemarker.  US 65's mileposts begin at 300 to avoid confusion with the further-north MN 65.  A Freeborn County sign can be seen in the background.  Photo by Monte Castleman, taken in 2003.

This view shows a Minnesota welcome sign plus an even older granite marker.  Photo by Monte Castleman, taken in 2003.

This plaque, located on the side of the granite marker shown above, commemorates the completion of the "Jefferson Highway" between Minnesota and Iowa.  The "Jefferson Highway" was first known as MN 1 in the 1920s, then became US 65, and parts still exist today in the form of MN 3 and MN 149.  Photo by Monte Castleman, taken in 2003.

Northern Terminus

US 65's national northern terminus, where northbound US 65 merges into northbound I-35.  The BGS in the background is for the I-35/I-90 interchange.  Photo by Monte Castleman.

Proof that Business Loop 35 exists in Albert Lea.  This is on southbound I-35, at the exit which comprises US 65's national northern terminus.  The "Exit Only" is for the auxillary lane which starts where the EB I-90 to SB I-35 ramp hits the mainline.  Photo by Adam Froehlig, taken in December, 1998.

Former Northern Terminus

From 1935 until about 1980, US 65 terminated here, at the intersection of 3rd Ave and Washington Ave in downtown Minneapolis.  This photo is looking east on Washington.  At the time, US 12/52 ran along Washington, and US 65 ran on the other side of 3rd Ave and also ended here.  US 8 also ended here from 1931 until 1978.  Today, only MN 65 goes through this intersection.  Photo by Adam Froehlig.

US 65 at US Highway Endings

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