Interstate 394 in Minnesota

Western Terminus

Eastern Terminus

At I-494/US 12 in Minnetonka, MN At Washington Ave in downtown Minneapolis, MN

This page documents photos from various locations along I-394 through the western Twin Cities metro, including terminus photos.

Western Terminus Photos

These signs are on the overpass for northbound I-494, and mark the western terminus of I-394. US 12 continues westward. Photo by Don Greiskalns.

First eastbound signage showing I-394. I-394 doesn't actually begin until the I-494 overpass. Photo by Don Greiskalns.

Last exit westbound for I-394. The actual end point is at the I-494 overpass, shown in the first photo of this section. Photo by Don Greiskalns.

Northbound I-494's exit ramp to I-394.  Photo by Adam Froehlig, taken April 25, 2003.

Eastern Terminus Photos

Going under the 5th Street bridge and parking garage, about 1/4 mile past the beginning of westbound I-394 (at Washington Ave). Photo by Don Greiskalns.

Looking past the 3rd St N/2nd Ave N intersection in downtown Minneapolis. The ramp on the left is considered by many to be the "primary" entrance ramp at the beginning of westbound I-394. The ramp to the right leads to westbound I-94, and was constructed in the early '80s. Photo by Don Greiskalns.

Other Photos

Eastbound at the Plymouth Rd overpass.  Of note here is the "US 12 FOLLOW I-394" sign, which is a MnDOT standard in the 3 cases where there are long Interstate/U.S. duplexes.  Second is the "Mn/PASS" sign on the left.  Mn/PASS is another name for the HO/T lanes along I-394, whereby solo drivers can pay a toll (using electronic toll collection) to use what used to be just HOV lanes.  Photo by Don Greiskalns, taken March 3, 2006.

Eastbound at the exit to MN 100 and Xenia Pl.  I-394 has parallel C/D roads through the Xenia Pl and MN 100 interchanges.  Just beyond this point is also the location where the HO/T lanes change from running parallel in the inside lanes to a barrier-separated lane.  Photo by Don Greiskalns, taken March 3, 2006.

Eastbound, just after crossing over a former railyard east of Penn Ave, with the downtown skyline in the background.  Photo by Don Greiskalns, taken February 5, 2006.

Eastbound at the Dunwoody Blvd exit.  The "Prohibited Vehicles" moniker is due to certain types of hazardous material being prohibited from the Lowry Hill Tunnel on I-94 East.  Vehicles carrying prohibited material must take Dunwoody Blvd to Hennepin Ave in order to bypass the tunnel.  The viaduct on the far left is for I-394's reversible HO/T lanes.  Photo by Don Greiskalns, taken February 5, 2006.

This is where the ramp from eastbound I-394 to I-94 splits to go West and East.  The I-94 East ramp is often congested, due to limited capacity through the Lowry Hill Tunnel just south of where the ramp merges onto I-94.  The overhead structure is the ramp from I-394's HO/T lane to I-94 East.  Photo by Don Greiskalns, taken February 5, 2006.

On westbound I-394 coming out of downtown Minneapolis.  The white guide sign is for the reversible HOV lane on I-394, which has since been converted into a HOT (High Occupancy/Toll) lane.  Photo by Don Greiskalns.

Westbound advance guide signage for the MN 100 interchange.  This interchange is a noted bottleneck along I-394.  Photo by Adam Froehlig.


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