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This is the third of three photo pages detailing the relatively new I-85 loop around Greensboro, NC.  Prior to the loop opening, I-85 traveled through Greensboro itself on a congested and sometimes dangerous corridor.  The loop was built in part to alleviate the traffic situation through Greensboro by routing I-85 through traffic out of the city.  After a few years of construction, the loop opened on February 21, 2004.  I was there the following morning to test-drive the loop and take these photos.

All photos were taken by the webmaster (Adam Froehlig) on February 22, 2004.

Business I-85 Northbound Photos

Northbound on Business I-85 just after I-85 splits off onto the Greensboro loop.  This photo is at about the location where I-40/I-73 will cross over Business I-85.
An unfinished sign bridge sitting in the median.

Business I-85 Southbound Photos

The same sign bridge as above, only looking southbound.
An unopened exit south of Holden Rd.
The overpass is for the future WB C/D road along what will become I-40.
Just before where Business I-85 merges in with the mainline.

US 421 Northbound Photos

Signage on northbound US 421 approaching the new I-85.  Of note is the use of exit numbers on 421.  Also, the "TO" banner above the I-40 shield will eventually be removed once I-40 is rerouted to the loop.
The interchange at I-85/US 421 includes a 2-lane flyover ramp from northbound 421 to southbound 85, as depicted here.

Future I-840 Northbound Photos

Coming from northbound I-85 onto what is now a connector to US 70 but will eventually become I-840 once the northern part of the Greensboro loop is completed.  The I-85 shield in the exit signage is now in error...it's supposed to be a BUSINESS I-85 shield.
The route is marked as Future I-840 for the short distance it exists.

Future I-840 Southbound Photos

Signage along what is now Future I-480 southbound approaching I-40/85.
The I-40/I-85/Future I-840 interchange includes a 2-lane flyover ramp from Future I-840 to eastbound I-40/85.

Southbound I-85 Photos
Northbound I-85 Photos

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