Mobile Outer Loop


I-210 is my rendition of the proposed "Mobile Outer Loop", also called the "West Mobile Bypass" in some planning documents.  Current long-range transportation plans call for a loop beginning on I-10 near Milepost 8 and extending north to the proposed new-location alignment of US 98 near Semmes.  My rendition is for the full, originally proposed loop extending to I-65 near Satsuma.

Fictional I-210 generally takes a routing similar to the outer routing proposed in the 2002 location studies for the Outer Loop.  Access locations are slightly modified from that 2002 proposal in that I have dropped the interchange at Ben Hamilton Rd and added interchanges at both a relocated US 45 and at Celeste Rd.


Map will be part of a future update.

Route Log:

Milepost Cross-street or feature Access
0.0 I-10 Semi-directional interchange
1.29 CR 28/Old Pascagoula Rd Diamond interchange
3.66 CR 34/Ben Hamilton Rd None (overpass)
4.74 CR 33/Dawes Rd Diamond interchange
7.93 CR 36/Jeff Hamilton Rd Diamond interchange
9.96 Fictional AL 56 Cloverleaf interchange with 1 flyover
13.75 CR 70/Tanner-Williams Rd Diamond interchange
16.12 CR 72/Howells Ferry Rd Diamond interchange
19.32 Fictional CR 42/Moffett Rd Diamond interchange
20.30 Fictional US 98 Cloverleaf interchange with 2 flyovers
23.09 Fictional CR 217/Lott Rd Diamond interchange
28.21 Fictional CR 17/Citronelle Rd 5-ramp partial cloverleaf interchange
29.86 Fictional US 45 Cloverleaf interchange
32.57 CR 41/Celeste Rd Diamond interchange
35.70 I-65/Fictional US 43 Cloverleaf interchange with 2 flyovers


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Last Updated:  14 January, 2006
(C)  2006  Adam Froehlig