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Possibles List:

The following table is a list of possible fictional corridors that I am considering for inclusion.  Some of these fictional corridors have been submitted by the denizens of  misc.transport.road, I appreciate all ideas, comments, and submissions from that group and others.  Routes are broken down by type (i.e. "I", US, state) and number.  Although these pages are for Fictional Freeways, some of the following routes MAY become actual freeways in the future.  The reason they're included here is because they don't exist yet.

This table is mostly of Interstate route ideas:




CA to US 101

CA, OR, WA to CA 99/CA 70/CA 99/I-5/US 97/WA 22/I-82

CA, NV, CA, OR, WA Calexico, CA to CA 111/CA 86/I-10/CA 62/CA 247/CA 18/US 395/I-84/I-82/US 395

AZ, NV Phoenix to Las Vegas US 60/US 93/I-515

AL, GA to US 80/I-85/US 80/GA 96

TN, MS, AL to US 78/Corridor X

NM, CO to Fictional US 550

IL to TBD (via Carbondale, IL)

TN, NC to US 64/US 74

TX Brownsville, TX to Lubbock, TX US 83/US 277/US 87

TX, OK, CO Amarillo, TX to Wellington, CO US 287/I-70/TBD

TN, MS, AL, GA to I-240/TN 385/US 72/TBD/GA 20

IL to TBD/US 51

CA Paso Robles, CA to TBD/CA 58

AR, TN to New Mississippi River Bridge

OK, AR, MO, TN Fictional to US 412

TX, OK, KS to US 75/US 69/Indian Nation Tpk/US 75/US 169

LA Fictional to Fictional US 71/US 167

LA, AR, TX, AR, MO to US 71/I-540/US 71/I-44/US 71

LA, AR, MO near Lake Charles, LA to in Festus, MO US 165/US 425/I-530/US 67

AR, TX to New Mississippi River Bridge

AL, MS, TN, KY, IL Mobile, AL to Marion, IL US 45/US 45E/US 51/Purchase Pkwy/US 45/I-24

IL, WI in Chicago to in Milwaukee Stoney Island Ave/Lakeshore Dr/Sheridan Rd/Lake Pkwy/I-794

AL, TN to US 43/AL 69/AL 13/US 43/US 31/TN 386

NM, OK, KS, MO, KY, WV, VA to US 54/US 400/I-44/US 60/I-57/US 60/I-24/US 68/I-65/Cumberland Pkwy/KY 80/Daniel Boone Pkwy/KY 80/US 23/US 119/I-79/US 33/TBD/WV 55/VA 55

DC, MD, DE Washington, DC to Dover, DE K Street/US 50/US 301/TBD

IN, MI Indianapolis, IN to US 31/I-196/US 131/US 31

CO, KS to Fictional US 50/US 400

OH, WV Columbus, OH to Morgantown, WV US 33/US 50/I-79

TX, LA, AR, MS, TN, KY, IN Laredo, TX to Indianapolis, IN US 59/US 79/LA 9/US 167/AR 15/US 278/US 61/MS 304/TN 385/US 51/Purchase Pkwy/I-24/W. KY Pkwy/Pennyrile Pkwy/I-164/TBD/IN 37/New Route/Old IN 37

CA, NV, UT to Salina, UT I-580/I-205/CA 120/US 6/US 50

MD I-695 to in Baltimore As originally planned

KS, MO to US 24/US 83/KS 383/US 36

IL, IN, OH to Toledo, OH New route/IN 25/US 24/new route/I-469/US 24

IA, IL to Galesburg, IL US 65/IA 163/US 63/US 34

IL, IN, OH to New route/US 30/I-69/I-469/US 30

NC, VA, MD to US 29/I-66/VA 28/New Route/I-370/ICC/US 29/I-70/I-695

PA, NY to Rochester, NY US 322/US 15/PA 147/I-180/US 15/I-86/I-390/NY 390

CT, RI, MA to Orleans/Rock Harbor, MA I-384/US 6/RI 10/I-195/MA 25/US 6

FL, AL, GA Panama City, FL to LaGrange, GA US 231/US 431/I-185

CT, MA to CT 3/new route/I-84

DC, MD, NJ, MA Through Washington, DC, Princeton, NJ, and Boston, MA As originally planned

SC, NC, VA, MD, DE to US 17/I-526/US 17/SC 31/US 17/I-140/US 17/I-64/US 13/DE 1

MD, PA to US 220

PA Bald Eagle, PA to Fictional US 220/US 322/PA 26/I-80/US 220

AZ San Luis, AZ to US 95

CA to Fictional CA 14

FL, AL to US 29/AL 113

UT to US 6

AL, GA Fictional to Fictional

MS to Jackson Airport MS 475

TN to TN 111 Along US 27

AR Hot Springs Bypass to Along US 20

IA to Fictional Along US 20

MS to Along US 49

MO, IL Fictional to

MD, DE Fictional to Lewes, DE US 50/MD 404/DE 404

MS to Fictional New route/MS 1

UT to Fictional

MD Fictional to downtown Baltimore Roughly parallel to US 40

IL Galesburg, IL to I-74

GA to in Albany, GA Roughly along GA 300

IL to IL 6/IL 29

AZ Tucson Outer Loop North/East Bypass of Tucson, AL

AZ to South Bypass of Tuscon, AZ

GA to South Bypass of Chattanooga, TN

IA Cedar Rapids Western Loop US 30/New Route

AR, TX Texarkana Western Loop Roughly as planned

VA, DC to New Potomac River bridge

AR, MS, TN to Future 3/4 Loop of Memphis, TN

MD, DC to Fictional Roughly as originally planned

CT to Roughly parallel to US 5

OH to I-490/OH 87

CT to West loop of Hartford, CT

OR into Salem, OR BUS OR 99E

AZ to AZ 85

VA to New freeway along CSX RR corridor in Newport News

CA CA 1 to Westward extension

FL Tallahassee Southern Loop FL 263/US 319

UT Provo to Ogden US 189/I-80/I-84

MS Jackson, MS Full loop around Jackson

GA to Along GA 166, then east

CO to Colorado Springs loop

IA Waterloo Western Loop US 20/IA 58

AR to North Loop of Little Rock, AR

CO Denver, CO Full Loop around Denver

TN to Western bypass of Knoxville, TN

CA to Lombard/Embarcadero

MD Fictional to I-97/TBD/I-83

GA to GA 10/GA 237/GA 400

IL to in Chicago 63rd St/Cicero Ave

OR to BYP Along US 30

AR to Fictional US 63

I-5 in Federal Way, WA to I-5 near Everett Seattle Eastern Bypass WA 18/New Routing/US 2

GA to Roughly parallel to US 23

NY to As originally planned

PA Philadelphia Loop As originally planned

MA to As originally planned

LA in New Orleans to New Orleans Int'l Airport Roughly along US 90/LA 3139/US 61

AZ to Broadway in Tuscon, AZ Along Kino Pkwy

MS to Fictional Proposed Jackson Airport Parkway

IA, IL to I-74

NY, VT to Freeway along/near existing corridor

CT, MA, VT to Freeway along existing corridor

NC, VA Elizabeth City, NC to Existing route/Dominion Blvd/I-464/Fictional VA 864/VA 164/Existing Route

IA Garner, IA to Clear Lake, IA bypass

ID to St Anthony, ID Freeway along existing corridor

CO to Freeway along existing corridor

TX Amarillo, TX to Fort Worth, TX Freeway along existing corridor

MD, DE near Queenstown, MD to I-95 near Newark, DE Freeway along existing corridor

VA to Indian River Rd/Ferrell Pkwy

VA Norfolk, VA Inner Loop Cancelled Metropolitan Loop utilizing Midtown Tunnel and new Jordan Bridge

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Once I have a fictional exit list for the route, it will go on the main Fictional Freeways page.  If you would like to submit a fictional corridor, or would like to speed up the process by sending Me routings and exits and the like, just drop me a line.

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