Relocated NY 298


In the early 1970s, and also again in the mid-70s, there was a proposal for a 4-lane at-grade expressway relocation of NY 298 running from Carrier Circle to NY 31 near Bridgeport.  This expressway would have been an extension of the then-proposed North-South Arterial (a precursor to today's Thompson Rd), providing service to the industrial areas near Carrier Circle and also as a way to avoid Cicero Swamp and the occasional flooding along existing NY 298 through the swamp.

Fictional NY 298 is a recreation of this expressway proposal, running from Carrier Circle northeasterly to NY 31 east of Bridgeport.


Map will be part of a future update.


Route Log:

Mileage is based on a fictional rerouting of NY 298, as per the Fictional Syracuse page.

Milepost Cross-street or feature Access
6.15 NY 635/I-90 Access Traffic circle (Carrier Circle)
6.73 Boss Rd At-grade intersection
6.97 E. Molloy Rd At-grade intersection
8.22 Northern Blvd At-grade intersection
8.45 Schuyler Rd None (overpass)
9.11 Fly Rd At-grade intersection
9.67 I-481 Cloverleaf interchange
10.37 Fremont Rd At-grade intersection
11.50 Karker Rd At-grade intersection
12.07 Fictional NY 257/Schepps Corners Rd At-grade intersection
14.3 Chittenango Creek, Onondaga/Madison Co Line N/A
14.69 CR 1/Bridgeport Kirkville Rd At-grade intersection
16.12 NY 31 West At-grade intersection

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