Preliminary List of Interchange and System Changes

This is another list gleaned from Metropolitan Council and MnDOT archives.  I don't have an exact year, but it seems to date from the late 1970s, since it mentions MnDOT, which did not come about until 1976.  As with the 1979 Interchange Requests, I show the route, location, the type of work/study, and what came about of it.  Note that there is some overlap between this list and the 1979 Interchange Requests list.  The following is the text from the article:

As suggested by Mn/DOT, listing of current requests is desirable.  We would propose to expand this listing to include other changes to the existing high type routes which have been suggested based on the most recent traffic assignments and operational deficiencies noted by Mn/DOT.  These projects would be confined to the area within the 694-494 Interstate freeway ring or in built up areas immediately outside that ring.  In addition to interchange problems per se, the list would include mainline roadway widening if it is consistent with development policy proposals.

A preliminary list of projects with brief comments on their possible warrants should be developed by adding to the requests already received by Mn/DOT.  The following is a partial list of additional locations which traffic analyses have indicated might warrant more detailed study:

I-35 At Dakota CR 46 Construct interchange. Constructed mid '90s.
I-35W At Dakota CSAH 42 Add set of loops to/from NORTH on the south side of CSAH 42, shift inplace ramps to the north. In-place ramps widened mid '80s.  Interchange still under study.
I-35W 138th St in Burnsville Add ramps to/from NORTH Nothing, but still considered a possibility.
I-35W MN 13 to 46th St in Minneapolis Widening Widening from Burnsville Pkwy to I-494 completed mid '90s.  Widening I-494 to MN 62 WEST completed 2001.  Widening MN 62 WEST to 46th Street planned for 2006-2009.
I-35W At MN 62/Lyndale Ave "Allowable ramps" System reconstruction planned for 2006-2009.
I-35W At Anoka CSAH 14 Add interchange Under study
I-35E 138th St in Burnsville Add ramps to/from NORTH Nothing
I-35E County Rd F in Vadnais Heights Construct interchange Nothing
I-35E County Rd H2 in White Bear Township Construct interchange Considered as a possibility on a recent corridor study.
I-94 Boone Ave in Brooklyn Park Add ramps to/from WEST (complete full interchange) Completed late '80s?
I-94 Zane Ave in Brooklyn Park Construct interchange Nothing
I-94 MS River to MN 280 Widening and ramps River bridge and U of M interchange reconstructed mid '90s.
I-94 US 52 to US 61 Widening and interchange improvements. Reconstructed I-35E to Mounds Blvd in early '90s.
I-94 Mounds Blvd in St. Paul Add eastbound off-ramp. Reconstructed early '90s.
I-94 Earl St in St. Paul Add some ramps Nothing
I-94 Ruth St in St. Paul Add ramps to/from EAST (complete full interchange) Nothing
I-94 MN 120 to Washington CSAH 13 Ramp Configuration Constructed mid '80s.
I-494 I-94 to Valley Creek Rd Widening and ramps Nothing
I-494 Tamarac Dr in Woodbury Construct interchange Interchange built 2002
I-494 Lower Afton Rd in Woodbury Convert to split diamond Nothing
I-494 Century Ave in Woodbury Construct interchange Constructed at Lake Drive mid '90s
I-494 US 61 to US 52 Widening and interchanges Wakota Bridge project under construction thru 2007.
I-494 Delaware Ave to Pilot Knob Rd Ramp configuration Constructed mid '80s.
I-494 Gleason Rd in Bloomington Construct interchange, remove ramps at E. Bush Lake Rd. Nothing
I-494 Hennepin CSAH 15 Construct interchange Constructed at Carlson Pkwy 1983
I-494 Hennepin CSAH 6 Construct interchange Constructed early '90s
I-494 49th Ave N in Plymouth Construct interchange Nothing, but still considered a possibility
I-694 (94) MN 100 to I-35E Widening and ramps Widened/reconstructed MN 100 to MN 252 in 1982.  Widened/reconstructed MN 252 to I-35W in late '80s.  I-35W to I-35E proposed 2012-15.
I-694 5th Ave in New Brighton Construct interchange Nothing
I-694 US 61 Reconstruct into full interchange Constructed early '80s?
I-694 40th St or 45th St in Oakdale Construct interchange Nothing
MN 36 I-35W to Lexington Ave Widening Widening proposed after 2015.


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