MN 62/MN 100 - Edina

The current MN 62/MN 77 interchange is a standard cloverleaf with a lot of traffic that routinely backs up on both routes, especially on eastbound MN 62 (due to the bottleneck at I-35W/MN 62).

MN 62 runs east-west.  MN 100 runs north-south.

My idea would rebuild the interchange generally within a similar footprint as exists today.  The SB 100 to EB 62 movement is a very busy loop, and my proposal would replace that movement with a semi-direct ramp.  To reduce loop weaving conflicts, both NB 100 and WB 62 would have C/D roads through the interchange.  MN 62 would also be widened to 3 lanes in each direction.

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Page last modified 06 February, 2005