US 61 Hastings Bypass idea

In April, 2008, after MnDOT announced an accelerated timeline for replacing the US 61 Mississippi River bridge at Hastings, fellow road aficionado John Weeks posted his idea for a Hastings bypass on his website, accessible here.  I had long had my own ideas for a Hastings Bypass, and finally decided to post them here.

This is my idea for a Hastings bypass and related transportation improvements in the Hastings area, overlaid on top of 2006 aerial imagery from NAIP.  Click on the image for a larger graphic (warning, larger graphic is 1.3MB).

While John proposed an eastern bypass for US 61, I've proposed a western bypass instead, in keeping with a 1968 bypass proposal from then-MHD (precursor to MnDOT).  Several items and features exist in my bypass proposal:

Several reasons why I chose to go with a western bypass, vice the eastern bypass that John proposes:

Of course, with any major project, my proposal has a few drawbacks:

That said, I believe the benefits of a western bypass would outweigh the drawbacks.

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